Patient Review By Rachael D

I had gone to a dental office in Roseville, ( capital perio) and had such a bad experience with Dr Rasheed and his whole staff I, like many people feared another awful experience. When I came to Sierra Foothills, and saw Dr Brian Harris I had hope that maybe, just maybe my horrid experience at capital was just an isolated incident. Brian Harris and his staff made me feel welcome immediately when I stepped into their office. As for my complex surgery, Dr Harris was communicative from the start about the steps he'd be taking, we discussed after care, and most importantly he talked with me instead of at me. I feel he valued my feedbackids, and we came to decisions on my welfare as a team. As I came to after the surgery, the ladies of the office were so caring and helpful. Even going so far as to make sure I got into my car alright, as I was still groggy. The entire staff was patient, and friendly. As I write this, only 12 hours after my surgery began, I feel great! Swelling, yes, but not nearly what I had anticipated. It's mild swelling, the work done Dr Harris feels and looks beautiful. Ideally, we all want to have perfect teeth and gums forever. Welcome to reality- life doesn't always give us that perfect healthy smile. If you are considering having work done for your smile and overall health, I would 10,000% recommend making an appointment with Sierra Foothills, and especially with my surgeon Brian Harris. I'm only sorry I wasted any time running all the way to RoseVillegas, when there is such a great team in my own hometown. Thank you Sierra Foothills & Dr Brian Harris. And no, I don't work for them, just a really grateful patient Rachael Dr. age 36

- Rachael D

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